Andrea Sachse│ReTrace Memory

2012/13, Architekturentwurf
Univ.-Prof. BArch. MArch. Hani Rashid

In 2009 the six-story historical archive of Cologne collapsed and almost all records were either destroyed or lost their context. This destruction demands new solutions for secure storage that gives rise to new interpretations of information. Different frame(rate)s are used as the operational strategy of the building‘s framework. It describes the amount of sequential frames that generate a new perception of information space. The main three programs are Encoding (receiving, processing and combining of received information), Storage (creation of permanent record of the encoded information) and Retrieval (calling back the stored information), which is also the public path guiding through the building. The structure of the project emphasizes the importance of time and memory and highlights the gathering and interacting rather than the physicality of archival space and bookshelves.