Christoph Pehnelt│Urban Extraction

Urban Extraction
2012/13, Architecturentwurf
Univ.-Prof. BArch. MArch. Hani Rashid

The Project is a multi-layered, three-dimensional urban master plan emphasizing the interaction between water, landscape, building and the existing city on the sporadically used Arsenal of La Spezia, whereby the Arsenale comprehensively separates the urban structure of the city to the waterfront. Through biological models of flocking and landscape ecology the master plan generates a design of operational strategies that deals with the multiple and overlapping forces of a highly uncertain collective form and a complex interplay of human and natural forces. The program consists of an ADVANCED NAVAL DESIGN CAMPUS and Cultural Center, connective programs such as leisure spaces, cafes/bars, a public library as well as residential areas bringing the coast more to city life, redefining the equilibrium between the city and the port as well as accumulate the growth of the city.