FLO│W Studio

Mission Statement

Miloš Florián (*1958) Is an architect and Associate Professor at the Czech Technical University /CTU/ in Prague, Faculty of Architecture. He founded and leads Studio FLO│W from 2004. The name suggests the main focus not only of the projects, but also of the pedagogie activity. The work of the pedagogue, research of Ph.D. Program Lukáš Kurilla, Jana Hladíková, Marek Růžička and students of the Studio tries to reflect the tendencies based on other principles and multidisciplinary co-operation than it has been common till now, in modest conditions.

The idea of Architecture is changing its form has become in recent years a major theme not only in terms of his educational activities and publishing a large number of articles in professional journals, but also as a subject for writing the publications under the title of Intelligent glass façades /2005/ and Glass FreeForm Architecture /2007/. He is of the opinion that a software is a driving force in all the phases of the structure planning and rise of the building′s architecture. A characteristic feature is continuous effort of innovation. Architecture becomes inspired by the natural processes projecting into the procedure of planning based on application of evolutionary technologies enriched both by advanced simulations, animations and the tools of building structure design, and by parametric design system and script methods. The structure is defined by algorithms entered by a row of variables as, for example, the needs of users, climate parameters, behaviour, a number and dimension of the particular components. The evolutionary models make possible the combination of atomic structure and mechanic properties of the material with macro behaviour of the building structure as a whole embodied into the dynamic environment. Architecture and urbanism can be based on the swarm theory, where the built environment is defined as a space that is formed by smart components and robots, which cooperate together not only with each other, but also with the users. Evolutionary inspired process of planning is understood as a process of optimation, where anadequate solution can be found in the space of all possible solutions.  The projects are further evaluated by the means of video, virtual reality and models on the principle of the technology of e-manufacturing│www.studioflorian.com

Lukáš Kurilla (*1983) Is currently a teaching assistant in Studio Flo|w at FA CTU in Prague. As a teacher of CAAD scripting he leads students  to create their own digital tools for custom digital workflow and he also organizes various workshops specialized in scripting techniques. He completed his bachelor studies at Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava (2001-2005)  and graduated from Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague (2006-2008), since he deals with the contemporary issues of computing design. In his PhD research he focuses on synergy  between human intuition and computing world and development of software tools aimed to help architects optimize design especially in the concept design phase. He presented his research at  30th international conference eCAADe in Prague. Cooperation with an artist Federico Díaz on projects: ULTRA – CNC digital fabricated installation for PS1 in Miami (2008), an experimental project LacrimAu and thermo-displays Pulsar, exhibited in Expo Shanghai (2010). At the conference Rob|Arch 2012 in Vienna he presented a robotic fabricated structure Geometric Death Frequenci -141.