Greg Lynn Studio

Mission Statement Studio Greg Lynn is focused on the development of a new aesthetic that addresses the entire spectrum of architectural performance. Because this work is an investigation into fields that are not yet completely known, the studio maintains an awareness of a greater cultural context. Design work is done in a dialogue between historical and contemporary architectural precedents, as well as a continuous exchange with other disciplines like industrial design, fashion, music and film.

The aesthetic of our studio shifts architecture from a modernist paradigm of identical, modular elements that emerged in the context of mechanization, toward compositions of varying, complexly-linked individual elements. The premise of this new aesthetic is the development of a new design sensibility, an expertise in rhythmic, soft forms and patterns that have been made possible through the use of computers and calculus-based geometry. In order to master these tools completely, the studio uses state of the art computer and CNC technologies both in design and model fabrication.

The work of our studio is done in reference not only to the professional work of Greg Lynn and his office Greg Lynn Form, but in relation to progressive forces in architecture, design, art and other cultural fields. Through regular exchange with international guests who are invited to discussions, midterm critiques, finals and diploma juries, students begin to understand their own position within a world-wide context. Our students learn to both defend their work based on a diverse set of arguments and develop persuasive presentation techniques. To ensure that a variety of ideas infuse the studio, theory meetings are periodically held to introduce and critically discuss relevant texts and current architectural questions. Instruction topics are further supplemented by study trips, at least once per year. These experiences are intended to address both architecture and urbanism, but also a broader range of social and cultural concerns.│http://www.studiolynn.at/angewandte/

Greg Lynn Is the principal of Greg Lynn FORM and has taught throughout the United States and Europe. Because of his early combination of degrees in philosophy and architecture he has been involved in combining the realities of design and construction with the speculative, theoretical and experimental potentials of writing and teaching. He has taught and lectured around the world as the Professor of Spatial Conception and Exploration at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University. In the fall of 2002 he became an o. Univ. Professor at the “angewandte” in Vienna, Austria. In addition, he is a Studio Professor at UCLA in Los Angeles and the Davenport Professor at Yale University.