Johan Tali│Times Cube

Times Cube – a media cathedral, nyc
2012, Architekturentwurf
Univ.-Prof. BArch. MArch. Hani Rashid

Times Cube is another paradigm shift to Times Square. The critique is bifold – on one hand, the messages the advertisements carry, are not percieved as relevant information but rather as a capitalist parody on itself leading to alienation. The second critique deals with urban public space as a part of the urban fabric. Times Cube will act on the premise for a need to rethinking the street and pedestrian landscape relationship to accommodate up to 500 000 visitors.

The Architectural approach is to insert carefully crafted interventions that will effect the perception of the existing space. The reality (Advertisements etc) will be parallelled with distorted reality (a set of architectonic elements consisting of optical effects to construct a concept of Deleuzian image and the idea of thinking about images and the systems behind images). Juxstaposition of the two will read out as a spectacular urban glitch. The Virtual reality as the third parallel system will be manifested by the programmed spaces fitted within the public space. The Media Cathedral will consist of a Museum of Moving Images, a Media Library and an event broadcasting space to serve the emerging cyberculture of post-information age.