Kristina Rypakova│Blurred Hyphen

BLURRED HYPHEN – Vienna Central Train Station
2012/13, Architekturentwurf
Univ.-Prof. BArch. MArch. Hani Rashid

The heterogeneous compressed assemblage of Vienna city districts asks for a concept of linked urban tissue. The proposed hyper-network-bundle creates an epicenter of transport, redirects high speed trains into all directions to Europe, and enables movement interaction and pedestrian access within the territory.

Fast interchange, quick acceleration, and challenging time are the drivers of the multi-transport bundle. The superimposition of different transfer systems – hierarchies generates interactions, an overlay-spinning of program, emotions, information transfer and cultural diversity.

The frequencies of twisting surfaces in different scales provide fusions of exterior, interior, public space with filmic effects. Reflections phenomena let the vehicles generate active variable data façade.

Re – composing hyphen = urban engine of stories, events and unexpected scenarios.