Petr Bláha│Coral Tower

The main idea of the project is to overcome the two highways (Sokolska and Legerova streets) and at the same time the valley of Nusle together with the whole park tie into this project concept. Trying to find the way how to solve it, I let myself get inspired by a corral reef with its inner life. There was a paralell between a corral reef a the steep land of the valley of  Nusle in my vision.

The skyscraper is made of a set of tubes inspired by a corral species´s shape and structure. The basis of the building consists of three legs supporting the main part of the structure. There are a large hall and a market-hall situated among the legs. A new Metro station is just under the large hall. The whole space of both the market-hall and the large hall is covered with a loose shaped roof giving an impression of the streching  park surrounding it and in the roof there are holes for the daylight to illuminate the hall.

The whole complex is conceived in the nature of a new centre in the entirely area which should connect throught a valley and the part of  Vinohrady called Na Karlove. Not only its high but his interactive cope becomes a latern and a recognizing symbol of the new centre and maybe of the whole Prague.