Sille Pihlak│Hypervelocity

hyperveloCity or FFW culture – a cultural cluster in LA downtown
2012, Architekturentwurf
Univ.-Prof. BArch. MArch. Hani Rashid

HyperveloCITY is a fast forward connected cultural organism that grows on top of  the subway stations in downtown Los Angeles. The movement  time line of the users (pedestrians, students, cars and train) is used as the operational strategies of the buildings framework. The velocities and rhythms are used to generate the perception of space. The distance of the institutions would generate a wider field of influence in a dense cityscape. The main three volumes would be an urban art museum, educational institution and convention centre, distanced one kilometre from each other, but connected with a train in underground. The project is structured to emphasize the use of public transport and create the not-so-often-seen public spaces in densest part of the Los Angeles downtown.