Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program│Urban Technique


Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Mission Statement The international postgraduate program Urban Strategies leads to a Master of Science in Urban Strategies (MSc Urban Strategies). Strategies refer to a synthesis of research, speculative design and implementation. During three semesters young architects and related professionals are encouraged to push the envelope of their discipline towards the urban scale in two different core areas: URBAN TECHNIQUE and EXCESSIVE; both focus on the overlap of architecture and urban design starting from opposite ends. The program investigates the conditions of the future of urbanity using state of the art data modeling as well as generative and representational techniques for the strategies of spatial interventions. There is some stress on the performance of architecture and the appropriateness of urban geometries regarding energy management. The studio is designed to offer guidance toward independence through an open and intensive discourse that puts everything up for discussion. To facilitate a wide-ranging dialogue between teachers and participants, workshops are held by cutting-edge architects from well-known international institutions. Teaching in the design studio is combined with education in the fields of computing and digital production. In addition to the master course Urban Strategies offers annual summerschools and traveling workshops as intensive design training in and outside of Vienna.│www.urbanstrategies.at

Reiner Zettl Art historian, teaches at the Institute of Architecture/University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, co-directs the Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program and is head of its pathway URBAN TECHNIQUE. He has been invited guest critic and lecturer in numerous educational institutions worldwide. He co-curated and curated exhibitions, such as Design Now: Austria, Rock over Barock: 7+2 young and beautiful and Stadt = Form Raum Netz in the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2006.